Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cherry Shrikhand

This season of festivals make me nostalgic and I miss home more than ever.. Rakshabandhan came and went away, and now it's going to be Krishna Janmashtami celebrations soon in India while I would just miss all the fun we had on Janmashtami every year. Even though we never celebrated Janmashtami in our family, but well, when you have friends with whom you can enjoy all the festivities, who would miss a chance to do so, that being said India is a country of festivals.

I clearly remember how we used to gather around in a big temple complex and the radha-krishna temple area used to be so beautifully decorated from the outside and covered with a veil. All us friends would fast and enjoy and wait until midnight to catch a glimpse of the beautiful lord Krishna in glittering attire when the veil was uncovered; as midnight is said to be the time when lord Krishna was born. We used to enjoy every moment even though there used to be a crowd of too many people. The Janmashtami prasad with which we used to break the fast, and the awesome feast of puri, subzi, halwa and kheer at our friends' place prepared by their mom is clearly etched in my mind. The most important and lovely dish which was served at the end of the day was Shrikhand, and although I was never a fan, I used to wait for it always; and without a doubt, it tasted amazing !!!

So remembering those times, here's a lovely and attractive recipe of Cherry Shrikhand.


Cherries (seeds removed): 2 cups + more for decoration
Hung yogurt: 2 cups
Honey: 6 tsp.
Crushed almonds (for decoration)
Saffron strands: a few

  1. Add the cherries to a blender and blend to a fine consistency. Remove in a bowl.
  2. Add the hung yogurt to the bowl and add the honey. Whisk all of this together with hand until everything is blended in together and you see no particles of cherry or yogurt standing out. 
  3. Taste a bit and add more honey and whisk away if you need it to be sweeter. 
  4. Pour in serving bowls. Decorate with whole cherries, saffron strands and crushed almonds. Chill for about 4-6 hours in fridge. 
  5. Remove and serve directly. 

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