Friday, June 27, 2014

Sri Lankan Chicken Curry

This recipe hails from Sri Lanka, a neighbour of India; so it is made using a lot of ingredients same as any Indian curry, but trust me, it tastes completely different. This was the very first chicken recipe when me and my husband had decided to eat chicken every Friday, and so I had decided to begin trying my hand on some different types of recipes, and so this was !! And it tasted awesome, finger licking good.. We had it with plain boiled rice which was in March '14 and for the second time, I have again made this curry, today with a much more refined hand, because ever since in March, I have been trying new recipes EVERY weekend.. This is the only recipe I have come across which must be prepared in a deep vessel, I prepare it in a pressure cooker (open cooking), but can be prepared into any deep vessel, but not in a shallow pan. Today we wanted to taste something different, so we had it with "Khubba Parantha" and it tasted not only different, but amazing, yet again !!


Chicken: 300 gm
Onion (sliced): 1 big
Garlic (chopped): 2 cloves
Green chili (chopped): 1
Ginger (chopped finely): 1 inch
Tomatoes (chopped): 2
Cooking oil: 3 tsp. 
Salt to taste
Fenugreek seeds: 1 tsp. 
Green cardamom: 2
Cloves: 2
Cinnamon stick: 1/2 inch
Turmeric: 1 tsp. 
Red chili powder: 1 tsp. 
Cumin powder: 1/2 tsp. 
Coriander powder: 1/2 tsp. 
Curry leaves: a few
Urad dal: 1 tsp. 

  1. Heat oil in a deep pot/ cooker and add curry leaves and the whole spices: cinnamon, cloves, cardamom seeds, fenugreek seeds and then the urad dal. 
  2. After a minute, add sliced onions and stir. Saute until they are transparent. 
  3. Add the chopped ginger and garlic, mix and cook until the onions start to brown. 
  4. Add green chili, stir and start adding the dry spices: salt, turmeric, red chili powder, cumin powder and coriander powder. Mix well and leave for about a minute.
  5. Add the washed and clean chicken (chopped in bite size pieces) and stir it with the masala. 
  6. Add the tomatoes after a minute. Mix everything well and let cook until the tomatoes are soft and mushy. 
  7. Add two cups of water to the pot and mix everything well. Bring to a boil on medium heat. 
  8. Sri Lankan Chicken curry is ready. This does not require any garam masala or chicken masala. Serve hot with chappati or jeera rice. 

Happy cooking !!

Thai Chicken Curry

Spicy yellow Thai chicken curry it is !! This is a wonderful chicken curry cooked in coconut milk to add to the flavors; and the coconut milk flavor turns out to stand out. In this chicken curry, the spices are roasted, the chicken pieces added to the masala and the chicken is simmered into the mix to vring out the flavors. The final product of curry, after mixing in the coconut milk and cooking with spices.. tastes just amazing.. !!


Chicken: 300 gm
Coriander seeds: 1/2 tsp. 
Dried red chili: 1
Whole black pepper: 1/2 tsp. 
Cumin seeds: 1/2 tsp. 
Mustard seeds: 1/2 tsp. 
Fenugreek seeds: 1/4 tsp. 
Cinnamon stick: 1 inch
Ginger-garlic paste: 3 tsp. 
Green chili (chopped): 1
Onions (sliced): 2
Turmeric powder: 1/2 tsp. 
Curry leaves: 8-10
Salt to taste
Coconut milk: 1 cup
Cooking oil: 3 tsp. 

  1. Wash and clean the chicken aside. 
  2. In a pan, dry roast the whole spices: coriander seeds, dried red chili, whole black pepper, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds and cinnamon. 
  3. Let cool. Grind to a coarse powder when cooled. Keep aside. 
  4. Heat oil and add onions. Saute them until transparent. 
  5. Add ginger- garlic paste and green chili. Mix well and let cook for about a minute. 
  6. Add the chicken, mix well and let cook for about 5 minutes, while turning the chicken at regular intervals. 
  7. Add the spice powder we prepared in step 3. 
  8. Mix well. Add turmeric powder, curry leaves and salt. Mix and cover for 5 minutes. 
  9. Remove cover and stir; add the coconut milk. Mix and cover for another 15 minutes. 
  10. Remove lid and mix thoroughly. Serve hot with rice or chappati. 

Teekha Murg

As the name suggests "teekha" meaning spicy.. so this is a spicy chicken curry cooked in mustard oil. It has tender chicken chunks spiked with the best of Indian spices. Fiery and flavour packed, this is a classic recipe.. fireworks on the platter; not to be missed.. !!

And here goes my recipe:

Thursday, June 26, 2014

He and his fluorescent lunch-box..

He was a short boy with spectacles in my class. He was quite and sat at the back of the class. His teeth were somehow disfigured, maybe he had been in an accident. He had a big scar on his right cheek and a mole near his left ear. He was not a bright one, in fact he was amongst the dull ones in the class. Usually he forgot to do his homework. He even could not read a sentence while asked to read in the class, without stumbling upon words. He used to stammer when he was afraid. He was not "the cool" guy. He was made fun of and was bullied during lunch breaks. Nobody wanted to be friends with him. People ignored him like he was nobody. Teachers thought he was a waste of humankind. He went to people trying to strike a conversation, but everyone ignored him, and he would then go and sit at his own last bench of the class. He never used to play. He never went on trips. And nobody asked him why.. not the students, not the teachers.

I was also not very famous, and even I was not a "cool" person, but I had my small set of friends, and we used to hang out together, to the canteen or the movies.. and no, even we never bothered about him. If nobody cares, why should we. We never even thought upon him. He looked at everyone with longing eyes, but nobody looked back. But when he used to look at me with those soulful eyes from behind the glasses, which had a sea of emotions, something used to break inside me; something used to move me, something terrified me, something used to make me want to sit beside him, hold his hand and listen to his words. That was because I was and have always been scared and terrified of being left in solitude, with nobody to listen, with nobody by my side. I used to feel for him from the deepest core of my heart. I used to be scared because I have never ever wanted to be in his position. But I could never sit and hold his hand. Instead I used to turn my head around and walk away, leaving him sitting alone on the last bench. After all, I did not want to be seen with someone like "him". I could not risk my so-called reputation with my bunch of friends.

He never went out in the lunch breaks. I never sat next to him, but I could always see him from where I used to sit. I was the quiet kind, so a lot of times I preferred sitting in the class during the lunch break instead of sitting about in the canteen, playing and making big noises. So mostly it was both of us in the class during those 60 minutes, and I could see him looking at me from the corner of my eye, and I saw his same, hopeful little eyes from behind the glasses, urging me to start a conversation, or maybe even pass a little smile to him. But I hate clingy people, and "he" was a big no-no. I never wanted him to always try to talk to me. So, put frankly, very rudely I used to ignore him, which made him feel I never noticed. But I did, for I was scared. But how could he have known how I felt?

I not only remember for these little reasons, but for that he had a fluorescent coloured lunch-box. Yes, FLUORESCENT. It was a bit too peculiar for a guy to have a lunch box of that colour. While he used to bury his head in his simple, plastic lunch-box, and there used to the only the sounds of silence of the classroom, during those times, I usually used to steal little looks at him. Not because I felt sympathy. Not because I felt love. Not because I felt anything else. But because I was scared. Because I never wanted to be him. Because I never wanted to be left alone. Because I never wanted to look at the world with longing eyes, begging people to at least smile at me. I used to look at him and his "fluorescent" lunch-box. Every single day. His lunch box had a pink coloured mickey mouse sticker on the top cover, and inside the top cover was something written in black permanent marker pen. I could never gather the courage to look at it from up-close, but I suppose it was a message from someone to him, might be someone very close to him, might be from his mother.. or father, or his brother, or sister.. But he never looked at "the message". He used to carelessly open the cover and just ate. Maybe he had read that message so many times he remembers what's in there. So he used to remove the cover carelessly, looked into his food and just ate from the fluorescent lunch box...

I remember he not only used to look with those hopeful eyes, so that maybe, someday I would strike a conversation with him, but I heard him trying to call out my name, even though he could not say it well, but he tried to call out my name, in hopes I would turn my head. But I never did. I did not even budge. He even tried to offer me food from his lunch box during those short moments our eyes met, but he thought I never noticed. But I did. Every single time. Even if I looked away. He never used to wash his hands after eating. He never went out, until all the classes were over, since the moment he came in the class in the morning, to occupy his last bench. Even if there was no teacher....

I looked into his lunch box a lot many times. He used to have plain boiled potatoes with curd on some days, raw carrots on other days, and even just some biscuits on some days. Sometimes he had just plain boiled rice. Sometimes bread with a pickle. I supposed he came from a lower income family. A lot of times I saw him saving his food in the lunch box and closing the half-eaten box. More peculiar was that when he used to open his lunch box the next day, it would have the same left over food from the past day. Sometimes I did not feel like eating my food, and a thousand times I wanted to offer him my lunch box, but just could not gather the courage to further degrade his self-esteem, so I could never allow myself to offer him up. He used to bring a matching fluorescent water bottle, with a bright crimson cap and a crimson belt. He wore the bottle around his neck like a little school kid, and spilled a lot of water on himself whenever he drank..

The story of him and his fluorescent lunch box would have continued the same way, or would have maybe taken a turn or a two, only if that day would not had been there. It was a Sunday and I was alone at home as my parents used to visit a temple every Sunday. I was in the kitchen and out of the window I saw someone standing at the gate of my house, and then he started calling out my name and banging on the door. He was the one with the fluorescent lunch box on the last bench of my class. What the actual hell ??? I was angry as hell and was thinking "maybe he's stalking me", and then I got scared as hell.. and ducked myself down so he could not see me. Sitting on the kitchen floor I heard. The banging continued. The shouting continued. The doorbell was pressed a zillion times. I heard him urging me to come out. I heard him shouting he wants to talk. I had not an iota of idea how he got my address. I wished he would go away. I waited with baited breath. I felt numb and was just, plain terrified of hearing loud shouts of someone I had only heard low voices of trying to get people to talk to him. He was shouting like a madman. He did not stop. A thousand thoughts crossed my mind, "what if he jumps in the gate and breaks in my house?" "should I call my parents?" "parents might take time to come, should I shout and call the neighbours instead?", "should I call the police?"; and the like...

And then the shouting stopped. And the banging started dimming. And then everything stopped. Silence. Plain, simple silence. Maybe he has gone. But I was too scared to stand up and look out. So I continued sitting on the kitchen floor. 15 minutes. No sounds. I gathered a bit of courage and peeked out a little from the window, while hiding the rest of myself from the view. There was nobody. My eyes quietly scanned outside for anyone hiding behind the tree, or on the sides of the walls. Nobody. There was nobody. So I stood up straight and waited. I thought maybe he was not really gone and the banging would start again. And the shouting. 5 long minutes passed. Nothing. Complete silence. So he was gone. I heaved a big sigh of relief and then I cried. I cried a pool of tears for quiet sometime. Then after eating the sandwich I had made for me before ducking on to the kitchen floor, I washed my face and opened the door. My hands trembled. I was expecting someone hidden in my garden, who would pounce upon the door as soon as it would open, and I was ready with a hockey stick to attack. I was even expecting someone to crawl through the bottom of the door and attack me. So my feet were ready with big, heavy boots, and prepared for a big kick. My sixth sense came up. Yes, someone is indeed crawling near my feet. Oh my god! Okay, here I come... !!! Without looking down, I banged that "someone" hard and attacked with my hockey stick as hard as I could... Yes, I did it... and when I was slamming the door shut in another millisecond, I looked down. Oh no !! It was not "the fluorescent lunch box guy".. it was a little poor cat, who was maybe trying to find a way across my garden. Little did he expected to get kicked and beaten with a hockey stick suddenly outside in the garden he visited frequently.

I cursed myself for having hit this poor fellow like anything. I checked him and he wasn't much hurt because cats can move rather quick and swift that any other animal. Had it been a dog, he would have been dead by now because the force with which I hit was unquestionable as it was actually meant for a criminal of some sort. So I thanked heavens it was a cat and it was not dead. I carried him inside and slowly shut the door behind me. I laid a carpet on the floor and laid him over. I gave him water to drink. But he was in pain. He had some wounds which I dressed up and checked for any broken bones. Thankfully there were none. I dressed two of his feet which were hurt (and I suppose that's why he could not run away) and petted him. I told him I was sorry and gave him milk to drink. He obliged and fell asleep soon.

Now my task was to scan my garden again. I was still ready with the boots and all, but was careful this time around. I was almost sure nobody is lurking in my garden until now. So I softly opened the door and went out. I looked around. Nobody. I checked the whole garden and the porch. Still no sign of anybody. Then I went up to the gate to check a note of some kind which "he" might have left for me. I found none. I checked again. Nothing. By now he was a criminal in my eyes and I decided never, never again to look at him in the class. Better still, I shall change my seat. While making decisions of the sort, I went back inside, threw a quick glance at the cat and battled my mind weather to tell my parents or not. Finally I decided not to, because there was no harm done, except to the poor kitty of course.. and I promised to tell them the next time I find anything suspicious. So I made up a story to my dad for how the cat was hurt and that we need to take him to the vets in the evening. The vet gave us a thumbs up for the cat and so we brought him home... he drank milk and went to sleep peacefully for the night. I thanked heavens again and tried to impossibly shake off the day's horror story and tried to sleep.

The next morning came as usual for all, while I had a bit of mixed-thoughts about going to the class. I shook off my thoughts and started to get ready. I smiled to see the cat's swift and active motion quickly returning back. I petted him and off I went for my class. While I had promised myself never to look back at his seat, once in the class, I tried to locate him from the corner of my eyes, yet being careful enough he doesn't sees me looking.. and to my utter surprise HE WAS NOT THERE... Reason being my surprise was he had never, ever taken a day off from the class, he was ALWAYS there, every single day.. he scored 100% attendance every time and yet today, for the first time his being absent not only surprised me, but also worried me. But quick enough I remembered the last day's events, and how I was scared out of my wits, so I was happy to at least not find him for once, and happily finished the day and headed home.

Once home, I tried to locate the cat, and was informed by my mother the cat had already left on its own and that he was feeling better and was urging to be let out. He came back for the milk in the evening though, which drew a smile to my lips, and he looked happy, although not really in the pink of his health; but I knew he would recover soon. By the evening I casually picked up the newspaper, which I occasionally did whenever I was bored or tired. I was glancing across the headlines while a face printed in the newspaper struck me like a blow. It was him, the "fluorescent lunch box guy" along with a news. I hurriedly read along the whole news with a quickening pulse and then suddenly my hands started shivering and I could hear the loud thumping of my heart. Once again, I felt numb. The news said he had been hit on the road by a truck and died on the spot... The time mentioned was about the time I was tending to the cat the previous day after I had hit him with the hockey stick and was smiling to myself about "him" being gone for good....  Oh no, no no no.... that practically made me the last person who saw him alive... Really? I wished the news was false. I wished the face only resembled him, but was actually not him. I wished I was mistaken. So I saw the news again. And the face had a big scar on his right cheek and a mole near his left ear....................!!

I suddenly felt weak in my knees and I started feeling guilty and a tear escaped my left eye. I could hear the pounding of my heart loud, and I was shaking right there and then. I have never experienced death closely, and this was not either; in fact I even didn't know him enough, or actually I didn't know him at all. The last evening I had vowed never to look at him again, and so probably God had said "so let be it.." It saddened me invariably. I tried to shake it off my mind, but I just couldn't get his picture in the news out of my mind. I tried to eat but I simply could not swallow; neither could I sleep the night. Anyway, the next day came as usual and I HAD TO attend my classes nonetheless. So I set off to my class, and my eyes straight went to the last bench, and the emptiness of the spot made me sad beyond words. But what saddened me further was that nobody seemed to care about "him".. In fact I wondered if anybody even noticed that he was missing. That day, the emptiness of the lunch break became unbearable for me; even if we never had exchanged a single word, neither did we share anything in common, but because there was someone who used to be here, in this very class, and now he is dead; and now he shall never be.....

Days passed by and it became a habit to see the empty seat, but never went a day when I did not steal a glimpse of that last bench, till my class was changed of course; even though it always remained empty. Life and death are in god's hands and even the pain of losing the person closest to you heals with time; but what pained me was NOBODY in the class of 40 people seemed to care as to why he's not there. People never cared if he was even ill.. and I heard conversations such as "hey, he is not coming for a week, right?" and the replies varied from "forget it! let's go play", "why do you care", "he was hideous anyway", "wow, I never noticed" to "he might have left school, he was no good anyway", and "he might have killed himself".. Some made fun of him, some laughed, others ignored. That day I realized a bitter truth of life.. "Nobody cares." Nobody cares about you. Especially when you are not so "cool" or "famous", especially when you probably have a medical condition, especially when you are not one of the beautiful or handsome people in the class (or in the world, for that matter). People judge you. They judge you everywhere. Every time.

This scared me. This scared me no end. Because I was also not one of those "cool" and "famous" people. I was not very beautiful (for appearances, but that's what people care for and judge for anyway), I was a little (or maybe a lot) fat, I did not have many friends, I was sort of introvert and did not like to open up a lot, just like many others did. So maybe if I died the next day, nobody would have cared. Yes. They would have probably said the same about me. If it would have been a famous or beautiful person, many would have still remembered him, but I'm pretty sure nobody would even remember his name; let alone writing something about a "so-called hideous" person like "him". Many years down the memory lane today, it won't be true to say that I remember him sometimes, but I sure haven't forgotten him. For many days after that I kept on wondering as to what was so important he came to talk to me about at my house.. but I will never know, because it went away with him. I thought upon his sad eyes. All I could do was to say a prayer for him and pray for his soul to rest in peace. And I did. And I remembered his odd-fluorescent lunch box. I will always...

Monday, June 23, 2014

From a married woman...

Marriage is not only a beautiful word, but also a wonderful experience. Being married myself for an year and half, I firmly believe in the institution of marriage. It brings two people the closest it can be to share a special bond for a lifetime. It is a bliss. It brings love and happiness in everyone's life. But what I fail to understand is why married women are judged differently. A married woman is suddenly treated differently and sometimes she herself is surprised as to why.. Yes, married women do wear sindoor and bindi, and might be wearing an ornament or two, which marks them wedded.. but that doesn't suddenly transform her from a young, chirpy girl to a mature woman who is expected to handle things entirely differently. She is still a little girl at heart, who is maybe learning to take care of herself on her own, and also of her significant other. Even if she has been married for an year or two, she cannot be expected to handle situations, problems and things she comes across everyday life, exceptionally well. She was a young, carefree little girl who still loves to laze around, likes to be pampered and watch her favourite movies or read books. She might still be coming to terms with the new place, the new people around and her new life and responsibilities. She might still be struggling to understand her husband and her new family well.

Neither does marriage, nor does having kids necessarily turn her into an older, responsible woman. I don't get the fact why people don't see the child in her, why nobody notices the stars in her eyes and the shine of her dreams.. She is still a girl at heart. Wearing sindoor and bindi doesn't make her any less of that. She is not supposed to be responsible for ALL the things the society expects her to be. She will eventually come around, but she needs her time to learn all of what is expected of her. She needs to be trusted and cared for. She needs to be assured that stumbling upon things is okay, that not cooking perfectly is all right, and making mistakes in the household chores is not a crime. She needs love and care like everyone else. She needs to be sure that even if she makes a lot of mistakes, she will not be judged upon, and that everyone takes their own time to learn things.

She wants to hold her head high and keep up her identity. She wants the world to respect her as an individual, not just as someone's wife. She needs people to know her by her first name, not by her husband's last name. She doesn't HAVE to be perfect in all respects. She was not born to take care of someone else, but it's just her heart and the immense love for her life partner that makes her care and do what all she does. She loves with all her heart and her emotions flow endlessly. She works towards perfection for her husband and her new family, not because she is obliged to do so, but because she wants to...

For all my fellow married women, I know you are strong, I know you will always be...I know you want to be perfect for everyone in your family. You want to be a perfect wife, a perfect daughter in-law, a perfect mother and so on.. Take time to learn to be perfect, but don't let the little girl in you die. Don't let the sparkle in your eyes diminish, and don't let your dreams fade. Sure, as women we know and want to keep our loved ones above our own needs, but it's necessary to take time for yourself and to sometimes be the "you" you want to be.. Live your dreams and love your own self.

For all my fellow married men, cherish the child in her and never let the sparkles in her eyes fade. Let her be and let the little girl in her live forever; for that's the very essence of her, and she would like to be loved, pampered and cared for like a little child would.. So make her feel loved, and trust her desires and the will of her heart..

What Candy Crush taught me...

Candy Crush Saga.. yes the "sweetest game ever".. Yes, the game which is the most famous of all, having some million players around the world, some are addicts, others are regular players. It is being played on computers, laptops, smartphones by so many people that it has suppressed all other games in a short while.. But is Candy Crush Saga just a game? Well, for most people it sure is. It was just a game for me as well. But as a regular player of the game, and now that I have completed all the levels available in the game till date; I took my time and realized that it's not just a game, but it teaches a lot of life lessons as well along with the entertaining factor involved... Here goes the lessons I got:

  1. Match-three puzzle: Those who play sure know that it is. When you match three candies of the same colour, it clears up the space and drops new candies, which moves the game further. And when you match four of the kind, it becomes a striped candy/wrapped candy, which is even better for clearing the provided board and moving forward, and similarly when you match five of a kind, it makes a sprinkled chocolate bomb which is the best of all I have ever known. This was about the game. But this taught me that you can never move forward thinking of your own self and by being selfish. You must work in groups to take your aim forward. This game teaches team-work. But the similar colour candies teach that you must be with like-minded people to be able to progress. The more people, the better and faster you move towards your goal; just like if you make five sprinkled chocolates on the board, instead of clearing by matching three, you clear the lever faster and easier and move forward. 
  2. One level at a time: You can only move to the next level if you clear the previous one. Until then, you MUST keep on trying on that same level till you clear it. This taught me that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; and that there is no escalator to success, but you must must take the stairs. And you must keep your feet firmly on each step and hold your ground before you can progress to the next step(level). When you take each step with firm feet, nobody can push you down, just like in the game where if you clear a level, you only move forward, but you look back in life (just like people playing previous levels), only if you want to... 
  3. Limited number of moves: For clearing each level, you get a limited number of moves (25/30/50 etc.) and when you are done with those moves, if you did not plan well ahead, you fail at the level. This taught me that I must plan each and every move of mine in life very carefully to move forward, lest I want to fail at whatever I am attempting to do, and then I have to start over again, no matter how well I was going through (just like in the game). Planning is the key and you just cannot achieve something just like that. 
  4. 5 lives at a time: The game provides 5 lives at one time to play for. After you lose all the lives in the game, you either wait 30 minutes for each life, or you might as well ask for one from one of your fellow players from your friends. This taught me that if you have went unplanned and have lost at a task or failed at accomplishing something, you must never be too hard on yourself and you must rest a bit before you try again. The time you rest would also let you ponder about where you went wrong and what you could have done better, (like in the game) and what mistakes you made so as not to repeat them again. This way you probably do better the next time you try. You must also not feel shy to turn to your friends as well if you need help (lives as in the game), but never be too dependent on anyone because they shall extend a helping hand only if they are available (read: online) or if they want to.. So you must wait for your time in life (like the 30 minutes game time) and always believe in yourself. 
  5. Obstacles: There are obstacles in most of the levels like the chocolates, meringue, the toffee tornado or the liquorice swirls which regularly make the levels even more difficult to pass through. Sometimes the candies are placed in a very difficult position to make matches and sometimes you clear the level by collecting certain orders in the game, such as 'n' number of yellow/red/blue candies or some fruits or some combos.. and you don't pass through until you collect all of them. This taught me that obstacles are a part of life and they ARE bound to come, either we accept them with a smile or a frown is totally our wish. Obstacles are a God's way of testing you and you can either live a life of "going to do.." or take up the challenge and face the difficulties. Also, you MUST give your 100% at every step, no matter how many obstacles come your way, to be able to succeed (as in the game, you collect ALL the orders to pass the level) and until you do, you remain on the same step. 
  6. Clearing the jelly: Clearing the jelly sure is a part of most of the levels in the game. The jelly blocks the vision of the candy and it has to be cleared to either make a way for the orders to be completed or for passing the level itself. The same way, life gives us good and bad times, and sometimes our vision is blurred when the going gets tough and our eyes are filled with tears. But just like the jelly which has to be removed to uncover the candy, our vision has to be cleared, and the tears be wiped away to clearly see our goal and aim towards reaching it. 
  7. The daily booster wheel: Everyday you rotate the daily booster wheel in the game and you get one free booster. That may not be the one you have desired for, or the one you might need to clear the game, but you can save it, and it sure WILL be used somewhere in the next levels. I know all of us desire to hit the jackpot, but I personally feel that's being too selfish and asking for too much. These things taught me that no matter how difficult/boring/bad day you might be having, God always gives us something to be happy about every single day. That may be in form or rewards if you had a nice day, or in form of lessons if you had a bad day. Either way, that's useful for our future life and we must accept it with gratitude and not be too selfish because God gives us not when we ask, but when it's the right time !! 
  8. The special candies: On some levels, the game hands us some special candies, which further decide the completion or no-completion of the level. The same way, life offers us some special situations which is not always in our hands, and sometimes it depends upon how we use those special situations to our benefit. Chameleon candies change colors every turn, and just like that life can sometimes be hard to predict and might take some surprising turns. Mystery candies, which randomly turn into special candies/blockers/timed bombs; same as life which hands us some people which are a mystery in life and when we later realize, they could be the worst person you ever met, or they could become our best friends/soul-mates for life. Either way, just like we DO open the mystery candies, hoping for the best, we must learn to trust and believe that God has either sent them to be with us forever, or to teach us a lesson, which would later be required in life. Sometimes we get extra time candies in the timed levels and we get the benefit only if we can get to them; just like in life sometimes life gives us something extra, some extra opportunities, but in order to lay our hands on the same, we MUST also work harder, and once we get those benefits, we can use them to bring out the best in us. 
  9. Passing episodes: The game is divided into episodes and when all the levels in an episode are complete, to play further next episode, three friends need to give us tickets and we cannot play further till the next level. This taught me that we must not be too hard on ourselves and set short-time goals for ourselves, and once that short-term goal is achieved, we must take a short break and celebrate it with ourselves. Give ourself a treat, reconnect with old friends (give them a call/drop an e-mail) or watch a movie/read a book just for leisure; and that time sure shall recharge you and fill you with a new energy. 

  10. Giving lives/extra moves: I'm sure you might have noticed that when you open the game, sometimes it asks you to send lives to your friends, even if they did not ask for it, or help the friends who are struck at a particular level by sending extra moves. This teaches us being helpful. This teaches us empathy. This shows we MUST lift up people in life, and pass out smiles and hugs to everyone we meet to make their day better and lift their spirits up. Above all, it's free.... (just like it costs nothing for you to send help in the game). Keep helping to make the world a better place. 
  11. Sugar crush: Yes, the famous "sugar crush" on the game. If you finish the level in less moves than given, then you experience the sugar crush, meaning you get a striped candy for every move left so your score increases exponentially. Same happens with life.. if you take up a step in life in little time, then the time left is all yours. Don't rush towards the next step immediately. Yes, of course we have to move on to the next, but breath and relax for you have earned this prize. Take time to read a book, eat, sleep or just simply sit back and relax before moving on to the next step. This shall boost our confidence like never before. 
  12. The stars: Yes, this is about the stars we receive at the end of each level, i.e., 1, 2 or 3 stars, 3 being the best. If you play exceptionally well, then only you are awarded with 3 stars. The same goes with life. If you work hard towards a goal with all your might, you get exceptionally well results for the same; but you could choose to not put your heart completely in what you are working for, and are satisfied with mediocre results, (just like 1 and 2 stars in the game), then that is entirely your choice. Also, when you get the maximum stars for the episode, you become the episode champion. Similarly, if your work shines out, you will outshine the world and stand at the topmost platform. So, to achieve something extraordinary, efforts required are extraordinary as well... Go ahead, the choice is yours !! 
  13. The Dream world: The dream world is a secondary parallel level where we play the earlier levels and play one level at a time, but we need to keep the balance of the moon on which Odus the owl sits, and as soon as it gets imbalanced, Odus falls off the moon. Likewise, in life, we must not only focus on our goal and become so selfish that we forget everything else, but it teaches that we must keep a balance of love, family and relationships as well and also to make sure one of these does not get imbalanced and fall out of our life, while we were busy looking only at the target we want to achieve. We must reach our goal, a little slower if we must, but always carry the irreplaceable jewels of your life along the path you travel. Also, moon stuck is activated as we fill up the balance well in the game, similarly in life as we carry our loved ones around and maintain a good balance, they shall, no doubt extend hands to help you out to make sure you don't get left behind. 
  14. The time is running out: Just like in the timed levels of the game, where the time runs out in 15/20/30 seconds, you choose either to use it wisely or let go; time is running and the clock is ticking, depends upon you to make use of the time or just let it go. Time shall never stop and it will keep running; and if you walk with time, you succeed, and if not, you shall be left behind, for time never stops, time never looks behind for anyone. 
  15. Special boosters: Sometimes the game gives you special boosters such as the jelly fish, the coconut wheel or the lucky candies randomly which you can use to your benefit. Similarly, sometimes life gives you unexpected rewards at the times you were least expecting them. These are gifts of god to help keep us going and to boost our morale. Thank the heavens above, smile for a while and unwrap the rewards to use them to the most of your benefit.. 
  16. The lost concentration: A lot of times it happens that when we see a bomb ticking, we lose our concentration and apply all our time and energy in diffusing that bomb. But sometimes, we don't realize that we don't even have that many moves left as the number on the timer bombs, so we can reach our goal and the bomb would not go off with the moves remaining. The same is with life: we keep running in a race, to achieve everything in life; often forgetting that the moments of our life have been lost in running behind those ticking bombs (everything we want to achieve). It can be better if sometimes we stop concentrating on bombs (the materialistic things which we believe must be achieved at a particular age, time etc.) and start living instead. 
  17. Toffette: Toffette (Tiffi) solves problems plaguing the residents of the candy kingdom, and that's what the game is all about. And that's what life is all about as well. God solves all the problems plaguing the mankind, providing we promise to work hard with all our might and trusting him with all our heart. If we work like everything depends on us; and we pray like everything depends on God, nothing can ever go wrong. Hard work and prayers go hand in hand. 
  18. Life is colorful: Just like there are various colored candies in a game of Candy Crush Saga, there are various colors in your life. Sometimes you might feel good or bad, sometimes depressed, angry, sad, excited, jealous, or even too hopeful. You cry and you laugh. You get angry and disappointed. You feel funny and beautiful. It's all a part of a colorful life you have been given. And just like the "sweet" and "delicious" candies in the game, life is sweet, life is delicious. Keep the sweetness and taste the delicious flavors life has to offer. 

Well, this sweet game of Candy Crush is loved and adored by many. But remember how it's not just a game, but quietly teaches the beautiful lessons of life all along. I personally love the multi-coloured cheerfulness of the game and of course it is addictive !! But just like the game, life is lovely, colourful and cheerful. We must be addicted to life and strive towards our goals; and always remember the lessons taught by this wonderful game while playing both the game, and the life..


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