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Hi there.. Thanks for stopping by. 

I'm Brijdeep, an architect by profession with special love for interior designing; a lover of books, passionate about expressions of the heart and the soul through random musings: proud author of a short book on the silent sufferings of women and some other publications on various topics of life and the emotional beauty of living beings which touches the heart. An appreciation of art forms and an eye for detail have made me experience the fragrance of expressions in forms of little art forms, creativity flowing in my blood to sketch and paint and craft whenever time allows me to; and capturing the beauty and marvels of the world through my lens.

As quoted by Julia Childs; people who love to eat are always the best people and that’s so much me. A self-taught cook who believes that a good food always equals good life; and for me, food is a lot more than just food: it is innovation, it is nutrition, it is health, it is fantasy, and it is religion and so much more. To eat is necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. Similarly, cooking food is a necessity but creating food is an art.

A foodie by taste buds and for the love of food, I have never looked back ever since I have discovered the joys of cooking. I create and share food and recipes from my kitchen and I love experimenting to create many variations of a single ingredient. I share my love for food with a big collection of recipes from so many walks of life: the traditional ones I inherited from generations, the ones I created in my own kitchen, the once I learnt from family and friends, some treasured from the books; and more I learnt by exploring the wonderful web world. I feel food and life is a close- knit bond and that is the reason I share so many of those foods with the stories, often those which make me nostalgic and take me back through the times. I share food which can be, more often than not, created with basic ingredients. Just like any other typical Punjabi, I'm a mast-maula (gullible and fun-loving) girl, in love with non-vegetarian food so I share a big collection of non-vegetarian recipes as well along with quick and easy vegetarian recipes, kitchen tips and home-made spices collections and so much more. So just live, love, eat... The best is yet to come :) 

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  1. Dear Ma'm, I am Rupali from Nagpur. I must appreciate you are very beautiful..by face and by heart too. I am impressed ..this is the first time i visited your website and Fb page....it is all amazing .you are amazing . I just love such personalities.....love u....thanks a lot for being such extraordinary and making us knowledgeable. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you so much dear Rupali. This is the best thing I've heard in a while. :)

  2. hi brijdeep kaur its really nice feeling, while surfing your website its heart touching theme of efferscence
    are you an architect

  3. hello brijdeep ,
    I really like your blog very much- are post are quite attractive and the images are really good. thank you .

  4. i like the way u r giving voice to the beliefs about which no body wants to talk about. i also want to give voice to my words. please guide me in this. i want to appraoch those areas where housewives and their husband can easily access as i want to change their mindsets.



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