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This space is dedicated to all the edgy, raunchy, love-filled, sad, happy and creative shades of love, life, relationships and experiences penned down and captured in words or flown through the creative lens of my soul. Welcome aboard !!

3 Decades: Summed up

Last birthday I got a card from a close friend which said "Forever 29" ! and it got me thinking: why do my friends feel I must feel anxious at the thought of turning 30? Why forever 29?
I, for one would be 30 rather than 29 today. Not because I love getting old, but because I love understanding life, I love living life which I was not doing so well until the last year.

I would never want to go back a year in my life, because from 29 to 30, I have become a changed person in many different ways. But are the 30s something to be (...continue reading)

Breaking Stereotypes

India is a beautiful land of diversities: diversity in religion, language, culture, weddings, clothing, traditions, food and so much more. While everything has its positive and negative sides, the diversity of the country comes with something unwanted: stereotyping. From the beginning of time, there has been stereotyping people on the basis of color (... continue reading)

Life is a challenge and everyday you meet so many different people; some really good, some rude, some positive, some inspiring, others not-so much. It's a mixed box. But these days life is changing at a rapid rate than anybody had ever imagined, all thanks to the social media platforms. Our lives are continuously surrounded by social media: Facebook, twitter, whatsapp and what not. Social media has become more like a real life. And of course it's important and (... continue reading)

Here I look outside my window..
to see the onset of winters..
I see the light very late..
and it sets off earlier than the evenings...
It amazes me...
that the mornings are dark
and the evenings are dark..
while the soft snow begins to fall.. (.. continue reading)

Fat women are more often than not, rejected in the society, considered unattractive, and they tend to make less friends. All just because a vast majority of people judge others by the physical appearance. And that hurts me. Because I have been in the shoes of fat women, and thin women; all of it. So I have a first-hand experience of how (...continue reading)

Never wonder
why you are not good enough..
because that's never true
in your own beautiful ways;
you might not be like the rest,
but trust me you are the best... (... continue reading)

I've learnt over the years that
you can love somebody at your best
but you can never make somebody fall in love with you.
Letting go doesn't mean giving up,
but rather accepting that there are things that cannot be.
It isn't possible to (... continue reading)

Ah childhood! Dear childhood! The best times of our lives, times we cared for nothing except for skinned knees.. our heart broke if our new pencil was lost; and we thought not doing our homework was the worst thing that could happen to us.. How beautifully and innocently sculpted our little brains were.. I miss those times, wish I could turn back time and (...continue reading)

It was a long, hard day, I mumbled to myself..
Car keys on the table and removed my shoes..
It was about midnight, so I ordered food...
I changed and waited, while I kept my cool..
Finally the tired, sleepy me got my food..
But the ringtone of my mobile
broke the silence with all its might.. (...continue reading)

He and his florescent Lunch-box

He was a short boy with spectacles in my class. He was quite and sat at the back of the class. His teeth were somehow disfigured, maybe he had been in an accident. He had a big scar on his right cheek and a mole near his left ear. He was not a bright one, in fact he was amongst the dull ones in the class. Usually he forgot to do his homework. He even could not read a sentence while asked to read in the class, without (...continue reading)

Marriage is not only a beautiful word, but also a wonderful experience. Being married myself for an year and half, I firmly believe in the institution of marriage. It brings two people the closest it can be to share a special bond for a lifetime. It is a bliss. It brings love and happiness in everyone's life. But what I fail to understand is why married women are judged differently. (...continue reading)

Candy Crush Saga.. yes the "sweetest game ever".. Yes, the game which is the most famous of all, having some million players around the world, some are addicts, others are regular players. It is being played on computers, laptops, smartphones by so many people that it has suppressed all other games in a short while.. But is Candy Crush Saga just a game? (...continue reading)

Sweden. Yes. You are the one I'm going to remember all my life.. even if I move away, even if I visit and stay in a thousand other countries all my life. Because you are special and very very close to my heart. Because you are the first place (rather literally) I have moved to after I was born in a lovely city in India. You are the one where I became the closest (...continue reading)

Orkut WAS  social networking site sometime ago. Yes it was. It is no more. And it was the only one. I'm sure we all still remember Orkut because that was the first social networking website for the people of my generation. That was where we met a lot of old and new friends. That was where we wrote scraps to each other. Do you remember SCRAPS ?? (...continue reading)

Love is a word that is constantly thrown away, more these days than I ever saw. I grew up with the belief that love is supposed to be a very sacred word: love means giving yourself away to the one you love, love means caring, love is sacrificing and compromising, love is tending to the needs of the other more than your own. Love is devoid of ego. Love is pure. Love is heavenly. Love is divine.
But it breaks my heart to see and experience these days where the (...continue reading)

For they are the one who are much, much better than any other human being in the world. Where would you find someone so selfless and so sincere that they would love you more than themselves and ready to even lay down their own lives for you... This you cannot get in any human being. And the fact that I love them more than anyone cannot be changed. He has a piece of my heart and will forever continue to hold it. (...continue reading)

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