Friday, April 17, 2015

For my inspiration...

Life is a challenge and everyday you meet so many different people; some really good, some rude, some positive, some inspiring, others not-so much. It's a mixed box. But these days life is changing at a rapid rate than anybody had ever imagined, all thanks to the social media platforms. Our lives are continuously surrounded by social media: Facebook, twitter, whatsapp and what not. Social media has become more like a real life. And of course it's important and it's wonderful. So like-wise you meet all kinds of people in the real world, you meet more so in virtual world. 

Me, much of an introvert person has never loved to interact much about myself and my life to people I meet and know in the real world, let alone in the virtual world. But some rare times in life you come across a wonderful and lovely personality, full of life, full of positive energy and full of inspiration: you talk to them or read their thoughts, you make small interactions with them over social media, you feel inspired and a vibe of positiveness even though you never hear their voice or see their face for real. Such a gem of a person is Shalini. 

Not even a complete year since I joined a platform created for people with a common interest in food which is called "Euphoric Delights" on Facebook and I since became really involved with the wonderful group and the ever so-loving members with whom one can feel at home and interact not only about food, but anything under the sun, without being judged; and needless to say it has been a home away from home for about an year now. Shalini Ramachandran is a beautiful soul who administers that group with over 40 K members, which consists of a majority of women living out of their home-country just like me. She has since been one of the most patient, understanding, non-judgmental, clever, witty and intelligent woman I've known in all my life span. 

For whatever little time I've know you, whatever little I have interacted with you, you have never failed to inspire me. I have been learning bit by bit from you and hope to learn a lot more under the coming times. This goes for you:

A woman so graceful,
so fine and beautiful..
A woman with a penchant
for everything elegant...
A woman with poise
and refined choice..
you grace everything
with your loving charm and laughter
Like you, there is no other..
Happy Birthday Shalini !!!

A little ode to the wonderful, inspiring woman, who is actually infinite in all directions !! 
Thanks for everything. May you live to 1000 and one. 



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