Monday, July 14, 2014

A 3-day detox for a happy me..

Detoxification is a health approach to rid the body of toxins- accumulated harmful substances that exert undesirable effects on individual heath, both in short term or long term. This usually consists of fasting in a specific way; mostly eliminating a lot of food articles such as processed foods and drinks; and replacing them with natural food items instead for a period of 3 days. The time (days) and methods for every detox differs. But what I followed was a detox for 3 days.

I am not a very great fan of processed foods, fast foods, caffeine drinks and soft drinks, neither alcohol. Usually I try to avoid them completely. So it was, let's say, may be not difficult for me; if I compare it to a lot of others who love caffeine, thrive on processed foods and drinks, and alcohol is a must. But yes, while I compared it to my own self, it was, well, boring. Most of the detox diets eliminate dairy products, but I did not completely; although I kept the dairy use to the minimum, and that too, lactose free.

I decided to go for a detox diet because I had been gaining a lot of weight post my wedding, and I have been trying to shed some. But what my actual vision was, even if I don't lose any weight, it WILL benefit me in some way or the other. At least it will clean up my system. And it did !! Better than I expected. I could survive 3 days of the detox, and I feel well, much much better, and cleaner from inside, if not amazing. And that's a perfectly fine feeling for me.

What I included in my diet was green leafy vegetables, salad, fruits, juices, a green detox juice, boiled beans, soaked nuts, lemon water etc. What I excluded was sugar, wheat, rice, fried and baked foods, caffeine, chocolates, bread and any other processed foods and drinks.

Lemon water

That was a perfect start to the morning which I usually have every day otherwise as well. Squeeze half a lemon in a glass of lukewarm water and add 2 tsps. of honey to the glass. Stir well and drink. You could even add some mint leaves for the additional effect while on the detox.

Grapefruit juice and Orange juice

While I usually like to eat my oranges raw, grapefruit juice is one thing I have been having twice a week since sometime now. So it was not much an effort drinking the bitter juice. I cannot even bring myself upon eating the grapefruit, so the juice was fine.We are having a cleanse, not torturing ourself, so stick with what suits you best; and it should come around fine.

Orange Juice

Grapefruit Juice

Soaked nuts

We all have probably eaten soaked almonds in our childhood, but did you know walnuts must be soaked in water as well before eating? Well, we must. I don't know the perfect reason behind it, but there are many researches that prove the same. So, soak a handful of nuts (almonds and walnuts) in water overnight, change water once in the morning and eat them as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, whatever suits you best. Remember to eat the almonds with the brown shell which benefits the most.

Green Detox Juice

Now this is the most important part of the detox diet (and most detested as well, in case of many people). But this is vital which must be carried on for all 3 days. Most ill-tasting, this juice benefits the most while our body is getting rid of all the toxins. This juice has to contain at least 2 types of green leaves. The base of the juice can be any fresh vegetable in raw form which suits you best. My personal recipe of the detoxifying juice was: 
Coriander leaves
Mint leaves
Tomatoes (as a base: 4 number)
Half-a onion
Juice of a lemon
Black salt
Black pepper
Water (1/2 glass)

MIX AND BLEND. Drink immediately. Yes, yes, it sure tastes foul, but it's necessary to drink it up immediately. The sooner, the better. Always make fresh juice just before drinking. 
The second day I added half a beetroot, which gave a reddish tone to my juice, doesn't matter nonetheless as it was the green detoxifying juice. 

Other ingredients which might be included in the juice if you are brave enough are:


This can be adjusted as per the personal choices, but make sure to include at least two types of green leaves. And the more ingredients we consume, the more it benefits. So the choice is yours !!

Spinach Yoghurt

Yes, most of the detox diets exclude dairy, but I used lactose free, which must be fine for me.

The recipe: Spinach Yoghurt

Fresh vegetable salad

I agree many of us have been eating salads in our everyday life. But well, I'm not. So the detox days are the best to eat only salads as lunch, and using them as a medium to satisfy our hunger, and not as a side dish. Salads must be fresh otherwise there is no point on eating them. Store bought salads are a no-no. Tomatoes, carrots, onions, cucumber, beetroot are the widely used ingredients for salads. While I am not a very experimental person myself, I used all of these to make a salad, garnished it with coriander leaves richly, sprinkled little salt and black pepper and squeezed a lemon on the top. Toss and eat. I have no idea why people like to have a dressing on their salads even in the detox days, and I see many diets even allow the same. What I say is, no dressings please !!

What else I did to fill myself up was boiled beans. Day 1 did not require me to eat anything extra as it was pretty smooth. But as I went forward with day 2 and day 3, I found myself wanting to eat something extra to fill me up. So for day 2 evening, I boiled up a bowl full of black eyed peas, little salt and black pepper, chopped onion and green chilli (optional). Toss and eat. No cooking. The same went for day 3, where I replaced the black eyed peas with boiled chickpeas (this one needs to be soaked overnight). Rest recipe went the same as day 2.
Black-eyed beans


Although I'm not a very big fan of caffeine (tea/coffee) but I have a lone cup of tea every evening as my husband comes back from work. So these three days saw a skip in that only cup of tea as well, because the rule goes: no caffeine. Instead, as I craved a hot drink in the evening, I replaced the tea with a cup of plain water boiled with ginger pieces; and added half a lemon and 2 tsps. honey to my cup, and sipped it away. No, it was not very tasty, neither it did replace my tea actually, but it was actually worth it. 

I tried to sneak some more greens in my diet like some green leafy things, wherever I could; or even eating them raw or in the salad, adding them to the beans, adding them in the morning lime water, and so on..

Fresh mint, coriander, basil leaves
Apart from all this, whenever I felt hungry, I had fruits which included apples, kiwi, grapes, oranges, banana (yes! it provides a lot of energy), and whatever fruits you can get your hands on can be tried. Only the fruits must be fresh and MUST be eaten as soon as they are cut. Mangoes to be avoided, rest others are great. Papaya is an amazing anti-oxidant, also pomegranate; which we don't find here, but would have absolutely included them if they were available. 

I, however did not lose much of weight (I already knew that as I was already eating right), but nonetheless noticed an amazing change in my skin. My face glowed like never before, and I was stunned to look at those pictures as never before I have had this beautiful skin, no matter how expensive facials or cosmetics I had used, not even on my wedding day. So I got this, this is the key !!! Go natural, go healthy, look perfect. Now I plan to do this detox again for the upcoming family wedding, because now I know how to get that absolutely awesome glow.. it comes from the inside. 

Note: All the suggestions and the diets in this article are the author's own experience and cannot be replaced with medical advice.


  1. Nice! Lemon water will do absolute wonders for your body and mind!

  2. I am in need of a quick detox as well.. the bloat from the weekend is getting to me..

  3. I need to rid my body of a cold before it turns into pneumonia. I think a detoxing juice is right up my all today!

  4. Sounds like a great detox. I have been drinking lemon water first thing when I get up.

    Michelle F.

  5. I think you went into the detox with the right mindset. some way or another, it would benefit you- and it did!

  6. I wish you the best of luck with your detox! I myself, need one badly.

  7. This looks like a great natural way to detox. I've seen pills and things you could buy but I never wanted to put those other things in my body.

  8. I've never had soaked nuts before. I didn't realize there were benefits to doing that. Your skin looks amazing!

  9. I love nuts! They are awesome for you. I haven't tried a three day detox. It is something to consider!

  10. I Brigdeep,

    We too eat a lot of greens, veggies, fruits, and a generally raw diet. We stay away from processed foods and as a result bloating and weight went away and energy levels came up.

    Thanks for a great post,

  11. Awesome! Look soo refreshing. Green smoothies are my go to treat right now. Really trying to up my veggie intake.

  12. Wow I didn't know about the nut soaking. I'm going to research why!

  13. Sounds like a good detox because it has so many fresh vegetables. It would be hard to drink the green stuff, I don't think I could. The pictures look good.

  14. Sometimes we all need to detox our bodies. I have never heard of nuts soaked in water before. Thanks for sharing and good luck on the detox.

  15. I love lemon water. I always start my day with it. At night, I drink hot lemon water with honey, cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar. It's so delicious and my kidneys feel great in the AM.

  16. I drink lemon water once in a while and I didn't know one need to soak one's nuts. It must be to get rid of the salt on them

  17. That is awesome, I am doing a detox too with the Paelo diet. Your recipes look amazing!

  18. Lemon water is great juice for detoxifying. Even though it will not make a big difference in your physique, your skin looks glowing.

  19. I agree your skin is glowing as nicely as the day you had the facial. I'm glad you found and used the right detox for you.

  20. I am a huge Detoxer because my weekends I am usually eating and drinking things that are not to good for me. I start my day off with Lemon Water as well.

  21. I always drink lemon water.. we did green juices for awhile there.. but that's expensive, haha.. I pinned this to try the rest of these. You look a lot different from the first picture, looks amazing!

  22. I've done several different types of detoxing over the years. Some were pretty extreme. This seems like one that gives good results and it not as crazy as the other ones (like not eating solid food for 10 days).

  23. I didn't know that you should soak walnuts and almonds or that they were good for detox. I love lemon water too. your pics look great before and after the facial. Guess that's what a good detox will do.

  24. These are good detox suggestions. I'm a big fan of hot lemon water. My mom drank it all the time when I was little and she swore by it.

  25. I'm a lemon water kinda gal, but I will have to try those soaked nuts! Very cool

  26. This gives me the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitsssssssssssssssss.

  27. Wow! I've been planning to have a detox. And these tips are awesome. Would probably start the program.

  28. I have done several 21 day sugar detoxes and I always feel amazing afterwards.



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