Monday, July 14, 2014

Mint Chicken Korma

Recently, I have developed love for cooking chicken in green leaves, like mint and coriander, and it sure leaves a different taste and adds a new dimension to the dish. Sometime ago, I experimented and prepared this Mint Chicken Korma and it turned out to be well; so this is what the final product has been..

This is my recipe for this: 

I had been loving this and imagining it to be perfect until I ran out of chicken recipes and then I decided to do a look-back on all the earlier versions of chicken dishes, while I stumbled upon this green korma dish, and decided to give it a try once again with some changes.. So, this time around, instead of using all ingredients chopped up and crushed for the marinade, I did grind them all together in a grinder to make an absolutely fine paste in which I marinated my chicken.. And wow! it came out to be so perfect that it tasted nowhere similar to the earlier Chicken Korma, although I made using the SAME recipe, just ground the ingredients here, and finely chopped and crushed in the earlier. So basically, this post provides two dishes with a single recipe; and my husband totally believed it is a new recipe I had tried my hands on.  

Some of the pictures during the making of this "new" form of the old recipe..

The lovely bright green marinade

The sliced onions being fried..

Fried, sliced onions dipped and mixed in yoghurt.

Marinated chicken being fried..

Fried green marinated chicken added to the curry..

This is the final product, the new flavourful Mint Chicken Korma. Looks so different from the first one, doesn't it? Experiment and enjoy ! Happy Cooking !!

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