Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Malabar Dum Chicken Biryani

 MALABAR BIRYANI... Ah! Pleasure... With the goodness and richness of the world, it is indeed one of the most lip-smacking, finger licking good dish I have ever prepared. Writing this post on a Tuesday, makes me crave to eat something of the sort again; and impatiently I begin to wait for Friday again, as I scroll through the pictures of this amazing dish I prepared at the Midsummer weekend; so that I can again dig into some another amazing dish.

I was trying to lose weight for the midsummer weekend for about 3 weeks, and I was pretty much going the right way (Oh! I so wanted to look attractive for the day). But alas! I decide to prepare this dish on the previous day of the celebration, and lo! I gorged in it so much I forgot the world and gained back whatever I had lost in ONE SINGLE DAY.. OMG !!! Needless to say I looked one big fat punch bag for the midsummer.. !! Thanks to this recipe.. !

Are you trying to lose weight? No. Then what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and enjoy the experience. Yes. Ah! But... Also, do you want to gorge in something made in your own kitchen of absolute goodness, and want to experience heaven as you take each bite? Well, then try it anyway.. The weight can be taken care of later.. right?

So here I present my absolutely tasty (add all other synonyms) Malabar Dum Chicken Biryani..

Here goes my pictures from preparations for the biryani.. After all, every great thing takes a great effort till the end product as well.. So here we go..

The goodness of Kesar in warm milk.. to be added to the Biryani

Fried cashews and raisins.. This is what delivers the royal goodness !!
The fried onions.. Now here's a little warning: they are addictive.. :)

ANNNDDDD.... THIS is the Final Product of My Biryani....

Find the recipe here:

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