Sunday, July 20, 2014

Spinach Dal

Who loves spinach? Probably nobody.. okay, probably some. I know very few people who love spinach, and anything cooked in spinach; including my husband, well, until I made stir fry vegetables just for him (yes, I still cannot eat spinach just like that) like Spinach Aaloo, or spinach corn. My personal favourite is spinach yoghurt. Yes, I simply love it and I do have it AT LEAST once a week.. simple and healthy, this has been my new favourite ever since I have started making in a delicious way..

But spinach dal? Okay, I admit it is not one of the most amazing dishes ever, but anyway it is healthy, quick and easy to make; and simple. So here's my version of the simple spinach dal, or dal-palak as we call it in India..

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