Sunday, July 13, 2014

You are beautiful..

Never wonder
why you are not good enough..
because that's never true
in your own beautiful ways;
you might not be like the rest,
but trust me you are the best...

You yourself are your best friend,
so never judge yourself
never try to fit in,
when you were born to stand out
and believe in yourself
without a doubt...

Don't care about all those
who broke your heart
and let you down in life
care about them who have faith in you..

Stand up for yourself
stand up for what you believe
even if it means standing alone...
speak your mind, make your own thoughts
live life your own way....
because that's what matters at the end of the day...

never compromise
what's in your mind and heart
right from the start...
never allow yourself to be stepped upon
and douse your inner flame
be proud of your beauty and strength
so you never let anyone
treat you as a game...

Stop over-analysing
stop all that over thinking
stop putting your head down
and closing your heart
never cry; for the blurred vision in your eyes
will keep you from seeing
the beautiful sunshine and the bright light !!

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