Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Butter Chicken with a twist..

Who in the world hasn't heard of butter chicken? Well, that's the most famous of all from the chicken curries. This recipe is discovered by me (yeah, yeah).. and it's cooked in butter, just like you would the original Butter Chicken; but gets a varied dimension due to the change in marinade and also change in the ingredients.. But it tasted completely different from the original butter chicken and yet, it looked inviting with the red curry; and tasted so amazing we almost licked our plates off...

For preparing this curry, I specially made my own fresh garam masala which tasted heavenly and I can't describe the aroma while it was being cooked. The method of the masala preparation and the complete recipe is here:

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  1. What kind of chicken do you use ? Breast gets rubbery so thats why asking.



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