Monday, February 2, 2015

Snowy times.....

Here I look outside my window..
to see the onset of winters..
I see the light very late..
and it sets off earlier than the evenings...
It amazes me...
that the mornings are dark
and the evenings are dark..
while the soft snow begins to fall..
Oh! the fresh white lovely snow..
The snow falls in the light
and the snow falls in the dark
I look out from the window..
the trees are snow
and the roads are snow..
like a big white beautiful blanket..
but looks are deceiving, as I know..
So I gaze outside and feel the freeze..

Mornings come and go..
and night after night
I look out and see
nothing but the soft white snow..
knocking softly on my window panes..
and falling to ground, disappointed !!
beautiful white flakes..
glimmer in the shades of yellow
as they fall through the lone street lamp..
I reach out my hand to my window sill
for the white mist that came through the night
but my window is closed
so I press my nose to the cold panes
and take a part of chill in me..

As I long to touch the white covers
and explore the beauty with my bare hands
I take the chill inside me bit by bit
and feel myself closer to the snow..
I take a deep breath and step out
where the soft, white mist falls to the ground..
I close my eyes and feel the chill
and tilt my head towards the sky...
as the snow falls calmly at my face
covering my hands and feet and hair..
I feel a bliss.. as blessings showering from above...
I'm standing on a snow ground
So I kick the fresh whites with my feet..
and I pleasure at seeing them fly away..
so I kick some more, and more and more...

With my bare hands I make a ball of snow
and throw it far away..
I make another, and another..
till my hands are frozen and they give away..
I touch the misty flakes on the glass of a car..
and shake the snow off a tree..
I feel the chill and I almost froze
but I sit on the ground and then I lie down
As it is in heaven..
Lying on the fresh bed of snow at night
with flakes covering my face and hair..
I close my eyes and breath it in..
I am no longer scared...
I am fearless !!!!!

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