Friday, March 14, 2014

My second baby turns two !!

Yep. That's my second baby. If you don't like the fact then you may quit reading this, but the love for my babies is much more than my love for any human being. For they are the one who are much, much better than any other human being in the world. Where would you find someone so selfless and so sincere that they would love you more than themselves and ready to even lay down their own lives for you... This you cannot get in any human being. And the fact that I love them more than anyone cannot be changed. He has a piece of my heart and will forever continue to hold it. So when he's not around, my heart aches because a piece is missing, it's somewhere so far away where I cannot reach.. not yet.. No, he's very much celebrating his second birthday at my home in India, but very very far away from me.. 

When I got him first, he was just a cute little ball of fur who made scratches on my skin with his paws and sharp, sharp little baby teeth.. that is just unforgettable. But that was the time he used to be in my lap and was so tiny I had to carry him everywhere.. he was so adorable, I fell in love with him ever since I saw him first..

From the very first day I got him, he used to look at me with his lovely big eyes that used to melt my heart every time I used to look at him. That made it practically impossible for me to concentrate on my work after I catch a glimpse of him in the morning, while he looked at me as if pleading me not to leave him to work.. It was a battle with my head and heart every morning, even though my office was just upstairs, my heart ached to reach downstairs to cuddle him and just sit down with him.. And that's what I did for hours after my work hours were over.. I was in love, overwhelming love.. !!!

That's how my evenings went by, photographing my new baby and talking to him, while he tried to scratch me every time I went close.. Oh! how I miss those times while he was a cuddly baby.. !!

You whined and barked, and made big noises
Sometimes you were difficult to handle..
You slobbered on the eatables..
and left them of the floor sometimes..
but always found your way 
to the kitchen dustbin..
You were always so fond of food
you could eat whatever and whenever..
you shed a lot and I cleaned up a lot...
and sometimes I got so tired and irritated..
but you comforted me by putting your front paws
on both my feet.. !!
You never wanted to have a bath..
and were rigid to even sleep sometimes..
you wanted to cuddle and keep me close
you raised you paws and held my hand..
You took a piece of my heart forever..
your shiny bright eyes..
always are full of love..
you melt my heart with just one look.. 
I miss you my baby..
I miss you dearly from this distance..!!
I love you always.. !!

But, of course.. life moves on and times change.. they never remain the same. And so, I was destined to leave him with my parents and move to another country, far far away.. So I managed to click a few pictures before leaving him for a very long time. In a short time, he turned one, and he was a beautiful baby. I was far away, but I sent all my love to him for his birthday, wishing for his long life.. 

After 11 months, I was again ready to visit my parents' house and I could not wait to see him. But my parents, my husband and my brother were sceptical of weather he would recognize me after such a long time.. this made me think, what if he doesn't recognize me any more.. !! After all, I hadn't spent a lot of time with him.. so even I was confused as to what should I do.. Ah! will see when it happens.. 

When I reached home, after hugging my parents, I asked them where my babies were (yes, there are two... one german shephard and other cocker spaniel). They pointed to the backyard where I could see them from the window. I opened the window and he climbed to the sill.. so everybody asked me to hand him a biscuit from a distance (after all, he might bite you !!). So I tried doing the same (even I was scared because he was a very big baby now). The moment he touched the biscuit, he smelled my hand and licked it instantly. It was an amazing moment and suddenly I was fearless. I know he recognized me.. It was a moment of pure joy !!!

I opened the backyard door and flew in there. But, to my surprise, he was a little too heavy and big for me.. he jumped right on me, wanting to lick my face and I was thrown off balance. I tried to sit down but all he wanted was to lick me and cuddle with me. Ah ! this made my face and hands and my hair very muddy, not to mention the new crisp white jacket I was wearing.. but I loved the moments in which I again realized pure, selfless love !!!

These were the moments of pure bliss. I felt blessed to be home again.. to be able to play and spend time with them.. I sacrificed food, sleep, tv, talking with my parents also to some extent to spend maximum time with them, because I personally feel that they are the only ones I cannot talk to on the phone while I am away, but I can do so with my parents, and friends and family.. 

So I managed to have some random clicks while spending time with him, even though every time I tried to take a picture, he used to jump on my phone, thinking that it was something to eat.. !!

I don't know how he looks today, but he sure looks quite the similar (these are two-months old pictures).
But I wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY  and pray to God he lives long, and healthy. I miss him terribly from this distance and send all my love to him, today and always. I wish God may take some years of my life to let him live.. I wish to hold him close very soon. 

Love with all my heart my baby.. my Tango..
From mamma.. :)

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