Friday, July 17, 2015

Mango Shrikhand

Today is a very special day in my life: today was the day I had met my husband for the first time, few years ago.. We celebrate this day: 17th July every year as a "first-met day". Even though both of us are not a fan of sweets and desserts, today's event calls for something sweet..

So I made this quick and easy dessert with fruit and it tasted heavenly.. The best part: this is a no cook, no bake dessert made with just minimum ingredients (and who doesn't love those food items which require minimal effort?)


Mango: 1
Hung curd: 2 cups
Sugar to taste
Saffron strands: a few

  1. Peel the mango and dice it. Add to the mixer and make a puree and take out in a bowl.
  2. Take the hung curd in a big bowl (to mix everything easily) and slowly add the mango puree and mix well. You can use a hand whisk for the same. I have made this twice, once with hung curd and another time with creme fraiche and it came out wonderful. So you can use creme fraiche as well instead of yogurt, but comes out thicker when made with hung curd.
  3. Add the sugar. Add sugar according to the sweetness of mango. If the mango is very sweet, add less and more if the mango is not that sweet. Mix everything well with a hand whisk (or simply with a stirring spoon or spatula).
  4. Taste and adjust sugar accordingly and pour into the serving bowls. Decorate with saffron strands and refrigerate for at least 3-4 hours. Serve chilled. 

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