Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chicken Curry Masala

Here comes another experiment in my kitchen, after trying out various kinds of chicken dishes, I could pretty much prepare one of mine.. And so I did !! And guess what, came out just perfect !!

So here goes how I did it.. Was feeling creative, and always I had heard to garnish dishes with coriander leaves.. So I thought, why not something else.. so I decided to go for spring onions. So what I did was to cut out spring onions in little rounds and fried them brown and crispy, and garnished the chicken with them at the final stage..

I had marinated the chicken overnight so as to let the flavors blend in completely. While most people prefer to make a paste of all the marinade ingredients, I choose to grate them instead, so as to have a little coarse flavour in the final dish. The chicken was marinated without the turmeric powder, in yoghurt, so it was all white and beautiful, with aromatic smell. So here are the picture of the making stages of the Chicken Curry Masala.

And here goes the final, yummy mouth watering chicken dish. We usually eat with plain rice, but possibilities are endless; and can be eaten with jeera rice, roti, paratha, poori, naan etc..

And here goes the recipe for the same..

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