Friday, September 30, 2016

Rainbow walking for kids

We have chosen the topic "Rainbow" for our project this term in our pre-school class and that itself makes me happy: as it means a lot of colors and more colors and colorful activities all term round!
In the last days of summer, on a warm and sunny day, we decided to do this outdoor activity of rainbow walking with our kids.

Talking about the colors of rainbow was really nice, specially the kids were really interested in *Indigo* color as they had never before used it in any painting. We talked about what colors do rainbow has, and I got varied replies from brown, black to white, pink etc. and of course the colors actually in a rainbow like purple, green, red blue. It's even a great activity to talk about colors, and talk about number of colors with the pre-schoolers as they think it's fun to talk about so many colors; and it makes it more interesting as everyone had different answers.

This is how I carried out this super-fun rainbow walking activity:

  1. I put out liquid paint of all the seven colors of the rainbow in dishes big enough for them to put their feet in. I first made indigo color by mixing blue and violet, and made orange color by mixing red and yellow. The children were pretty excited to make new colors as well. 
  2. After that I poured out violet, blue, green, yellow and red in all different dishes. 
  3. I took four large sheets of paper and taped them together and fixed the sheet on the outdoor floor with the help of clear tape so that it holds in place while children walk over and no accidents happen.  
  4. Then I prepared how the children can wash their feet: I just took a bucket half filled with water and a towel so that they could wash their feet and dry themselves before putting on their shoes back. 
  5. Then they dipped their feet in their favorite color and walked over the big sheet from one side to another. 
  6. It was so wonderful to see the whole paper getting filled with rainbow colored footprints. Also overlapping colors made it even more attractive. 
  7. The children loved doing this activity. This is a really good activity to learn about math and colors, develop the body coordination, and developing gross motor skills and balancing. 


  1. I miss doing activities like this so much. I remember they used to be so fun, so dirty, and so creative. I am definitely trying to persuade my friends to do this now.

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